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Barbara Lavelle

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Hello everyone I live in Canada. I saw the Medical grade Bicarbonate that Karyn works with on Facebook and was at my wit’s end on how to treat my skin.

I saw Karyn’s daughters post and it was just like my skin so I got in touch with Karyn via pm and talked with her at great length and she told me about the bicarbonate, I waited until it got here and I was very excited to try this as my pH was very low, in the 5.0pH range so I put it in the tub to soak my poor red scratched and bloody self in there and I also started to drink it as well.

What a blessing Karyn Pickles is to me, she saved me, you see I was going into depression because of this awful skin condition and I had it in places you wouldn’t dream up, plus bladder infections, the Dr’s wanted me to go on more cream STERIODS! Bit I said no! So, as a result, and thanks to Karyn and her High-grade bicarbonate, my skin is clear now.

I do continue taking it for ongoing good pH levels plus a good diet. My pH levels are now about 7.6 to over 8 so my body is a nice healthy alkaline level. The service Karyn provides is the best and the parcel of Bicarbonate comes
within a week.

I wish I could put pictures but my hubby said no, it would be too scary for some people, PLEASE TRY IT FOR IT DOES WORK. Thank you Karyn, for all you do for all of us poor souls, God bless you,.
PS Karyn has also become a good friend to me she is a winner of a girl,
Thank you.

Barbara Lavelle