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Tubifast Blue line tubular bandage – 10 metre length


10 metre Tubifast Blue line tubular bandage


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Use Within Wrapping

Wet wrapping is a therapy used in the treatment of atopic eczema, and involves the use of an emollient under retention bandaging. An emollient like ‘Honey Bee Soothed’, Manuka balm or ‘Repair me’, Royal Jelly balm or Epaderm which are designed for use in wet wrapping is applied to the affected skin, which is then covered with a damp layer of Tubifast Bandage.

Working together, the emollient and the damp layer keep the skin hydrated and moist, and help reduce inflammation. The damp Tubifast Garment also acts as a retaining layer, ensuring that the emollient stays in contact with the skin.

The damp layer also cools and soothes the skin and helps to reduce the itch. A second, dry layer is then applied, which keeps the patient’s clothing dry and prevents further scratching from aggravating the skin and causing potential injury.

Dry wrapping is a similar process to wet wrapping. An emollient (such as  ‘Honey Bee Soothed’ or ‘Repair me’ or Epaderm Ointment which is designed for use in dry wrapping) is applied to the affected skin, which is then covered with a single, dry layer of Tubifast Bandage.

Fibre content:


– Available in full-sleeved vests, 10 metre tubular bandages, gloves, and socks
– Ideal for dressing retention, wet wrapping, and dry wrapping
– Complete freedom of movement, through the two-way stretch construction
– Flat seams help prevent irritation of sensitive skin
– Comfortable to wear under nightwear and ordinary clothes, so helping to promote fully active days and restful nights
– Convenient, quick, and simple way to wet wrap, so aiding compliance

Washing Instructions

As the bandage edges are not seamed, please hand wash to avoid fraying. If using the bandages with Epaderm (or a similar emollient), to remove the emollient from the bandages, place into hot water to soak, then hand wash in warm water (40 degrees).

Air dry.

Tubifast garments and bandages are supposed to last for approximately 10-15 washes.


It is recommended that Tubifast Bandages are sized according to dimension.

Weight 0.5 kg

Australia, United States of America


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