Zachary L. Engram

Hi, I’m Zachary L. Engram a music producer from Utica, New York in the United States! I have suffered from a horrible case of steroid induced eczema for most of my life. For as long as I can remember my skin would go through dramatic ups and downs as each season would come in. Growing up I had been prescribed cream after cream, oral treatments from pills to syrups, some “so called” natural remedies (that I found out were not so natural), and floods of medicines and products you can get at almost any store! I saw no REAL progress with any of them. To make one of the longest stories you would ever hear in your life short, I will get straight to the point! I was going through TSW and in a HORRIBLE STATE! “Pray for me” was my only request! My friends prayed for me and I think one of the ways my God answered us is by allowing Karyn to see the post then responding by reaching out to me. She told me about her Bicarbonate and how it could help my body to fix the INNER issues by solving one problem IMBALANCE! The bicarbonate helps to alkalize your body by lowering the level of acidity within! This allows your body the chance to begin to eliminate disease and heal itself because see these diseases and body issues we have thrive of high acidic levels to stay constant in our bodies! The medicines (especially steroids), diets, and environmental hazards we are exposed to dairy are wrecking havoc on our bodies! Since I personally have been using the Bicarbonate that Karyn works with along with a good diet and patience I have experienced great results with my skin! This is because unlike everything chemical I slathered onto my skin, the bicarbonate is natural and works from the INSIDE OUT! I highly recommend you try the innerbalanceph Bicarbonate because I believe it is one of those things God has created that does awesome things to help our bodies to heal and stay healed! In addition to this Karyn also introduced me to her Queen Bee BEE Sin Recovery which is a balm that helps to repair the skin from the outside! So one helped me for the inside and one from the outside!

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