Natalie Candice.

Before meeting Karyn, I was a red, hot, swollen, stinging mess! I was in the worst stages of Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW) and couldn’t see a light at the end of any tunnel! After hearing rave reviews of Karyn herself, InnerbalancepH bicarbonate and QueenBee Secrets on an online support group, I reached out and she changed the course of my skin journey.
Within days, I saw dramatic improvements on my face and arms. The redness and swelling reduced and my rashes started to clear. I had literally tried every natural product I thought was relevant to my skin type and condition, so I couldn’t believe the quick results of these products in combination.
Almost a year later, my skin has not flared like it did before I started using them. Karyn has been there every step of the way, checking in and catering to my needs. I have, and will continue to refer everyone I know that will benefit from using InnerbalancepH and QueenBee to Karyn.

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