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Jacqueline Taylor

I originally came across Karyn in a support group for people going through TSW. I was in a really dark space mentally. I am in my late 30’s with 4 young kids and my skin was literally peeling off me, I was taking antihistamine type medications multiple times a day in an attempt to conquer the itch, I cried a lot through those times.
When I finally found Karyn’s product my worst areas were my face, neck and arms. I tried to stay wrapped in cotton as much as possible and I can recall my arms being so uncomfortable that I was unable to hang my kids laundry up because I couldn’t stretch my arms out. I finally decided to try Karyn’s products, honestly as a health
professional myself I was very skeptic. Within a few days of bathing in the product my redness reduced significantly and more importantly my skin felt soothed. I noticed even more improvements when I started to alkaline my body internally with the product.
I also used the Queenbee Balm which I needed during the initial period until my skin became stronger. I am very sensitive and this was one that did not irritate me during this sensitive time. I went from a raw open neck to sealed skin within 2 weeks. It took time and consistency to get to where I am now.
Karyn is a wealth of knowledge and a wonderful person whom has supported me through many dark moments, she went above and beyond her products.
I am so glad to have found this product, very few things were able to bring me any comfort during this exceptional challenging process.

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