Brooklyn’s Story

Name: Brooklyn
Age:2 Yrs

Skin Cleared in 3 Days – Get the BUZZ it may just work for you too!

Here is our recent testimonial from one very happy Mum. Sarah Maloney (Sarah gave her permission to show her little ones amazing results.)

‘After trying countless creams and lotions to rid my son of his painful eczema on his back. The rapid repair has done the trick. 

 Within 3 days of using this after his bath, it went from red raw to clear beautiful non irritated skin.

It is great value for money too. In just over a month, I havent even used a quarter of the tin. A little goes along way. 

 I am also using BEEautiful Eyes and the Camillia & Rose serum and my dry skin has faded and my face feels fantastic. 

 I am going to start using the Rejuvenating Balm as part of my skin care routine tonight, so I am looking forward to waking up extra fresh tomorrow. 

I will be using this for life. One really happy bubba and mumma right here.’

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