I first met Paul (The Neem Man) when I was suffering from a continuous split lip that would not heal due to a previous cold sore. Upon application of the neem oil I felt relief and within days the split was healed. I experienced a sealing action allowing my skin to knit together and recover.

I began to think how this would be amazing for those with recurrent split skin issues. I first tested the neem oil on my daughter who wears a scoliosis correction brace (The Scolibrace). The pressure on her ribs would sometimes
cause abrasions as large as 2 inches. This caused her great discomfort and pain but within only 4 days days of frequent “Neem Man” spray the skin sealed and healed.

Now, as soon as we see redness which commonly leads to splitting… out comes ‘Neem Man’ ….. her skin continues to endure the pressure without abrasion and the inevitable splitting.

Again ‘Mother Nature’ has provided us with the perfect tools to assist in allowing our bodies to heal naturally.

*”Paul Thompson has been known as The Neem Man for nearly 20 years. He specialises in an extract made from organic neem leaves grown in the far north of Queensland, Australia. This form of extract, aqueous (water) is the safest way of using Neem for all its reported uses. Some parts of the Neem tree have proven to have specific purposes, from natural skin treatment (leaf), oral hygiene (bark/leaf), insect repellent (leaf), pet care to insect/disease management in agriculture (Neem seed oil).

The Neem Man leaf extract can be used for all these applications, safely! it’s used neat, straight from the bottle liberally. The more you use, the faster and better it works, bites, stings (or use it as a repellent first), allergies, any itchy skin (eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis etc), sunburn, mouth ulcers, cold sores, toothache! Use it on anything. There’s nowhere it can’t be put, and nothing it can’t be put on. It has never stung or irritated and has been safe for all including babies for two decades.”

It can also be diluted and used as a treatment or a management system in agriculture and pet care. If there is something not listed that you would like to try the extract for and aren’t sure on what to do, please contact Karyn at ‘ karyn@innerbalanceph.com

*Excerpt from Neeman website.

Always test on a small area first and do not continue use if adverse effects are noted.

Neem Leaf pic

Bites. Stings. allergies etc

Use it neat, straight from the bottle. Be liberal for fantastic relief from pain and itch fast! Use as often as needed. You can’t put on too much. Use it as a repellent.

Skin Disorders
Eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, allergies etc. Same as above. It does not sting and does not irritate (in most cases). It can also be mixed with neutral base creams to help manage these conditions – suggested ratio 1 part neem :
5 parts cream. Be careful here, as it can be hard to find a base cream that
doesn’t irritate or sting. If in doubt use it neat – it won’t hurt.

Tinea and fungus etc
Straight from the bottle liberally.

Cold Sores
Soak every hour or drown the tingle. Use a spoon. Unbeatable!

Keep as wet as possible. Use it in a cream for planter warts.

Neat or in a cream.

Mouth Ulcers
Use it neat when needed, or mouthwash daily to prevent. 1 part neem – 5 water is also a brilliant gargle for sore throats.

Burns and Sunburn
Use it neat on burns and scolds and sunburn. The more you use, the faster the relief. Fantastic!

Insect Repellent

Neat for personal repellent, or add some to a good quality oil burner, (large bowl) for an unbelievable repellent. No smoke or smell! A drop of detergent makes it stronger.

*Excerpt from Neeman website.

How do I use it for animals?

The Neem leaf extract by The Neem Man is an aqueous (water) extract from organic, tea quality leaves grown in Queensland. It can be used safely on all animals of any age. A light spray daily acts as a repellent for mosquito, sandflies (midges) and fleas! To treat skin problems of any sort, apply liberally straight from the bottle. It cannot be over applied in quantity or frequency. It can be added to shampoos, conditioners, rinses and lotions/creams, however relief is greatest when applied liberally and left on. A few drops in animal drinking water when used on a daily basis has proven to be good for internal health for those animals that have used it.

Neem Leaf on your garden (Insecticide and Fertilizer)

1 part Neem leaf to 20 parts water plus a drop of detergent, this is as strong as you should make it for treatment.

Alternatively 1 part Neem leaf up to 500 parts water plus some detergent. 1 Neem – 100 water is a good medium mix to maintain. This is used as a preventative. After first application, reapply in 72 hours. Then apply as a
foliage spray once a fortnight. This is a fertilising insecticide that is systemic for up to 2 weeks.

*Excerpt from Neeman website.

Neem Leaf Extract

A non-toxic way to prevent HEAD LICE.

The leaves from a Neem tree are made into a liquid that when applied daily has been proven to help prevent head lice. A light spray daily is all that is needed, it’s that simple!

Simply put, it’s a super strong cup of Neem tea(green), or a water soluble vegetable oil. It is totally safe. It can be used as a gargle for sore throats or applied directly to mouth ulcers! It also stops itching on anything it is put on. (
bites, stings, allergies, skin disorders etc.)
There is nowhere it can’t be put and nothing it can’t be put on! Try it on eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, fungal etc.

*Excerpt from Neeman website.

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